Your future property on La Palma

La Palma, the greenest of the Canarian islands, your chance to experience real, unspoiled nature

Beautiful residence in a vast nature park

Villa El Pinar

The Villa is located close to the Caldera de Taburiente national park. The property is located on the outer circumference of Caldera, in the pine forest of Valencia, located at about 900 m above the sea level.

The whole plot with approx 33,000 m2 fully fenced nature reserve is designed with numerous ornamental plants and partially with lawns as a park.


Here you can find a few pictures taken from villa itself and surrounding area. Feel the atmosphere of relaxation and perfect calmness which rules here, in the shadows of pine trees.


Beautiful residence in a vast nature reserve

The house

You enter the villa with approximately 350 m² usable space on the top floor, either through the entrance with outside stairs from the west, or you can go directly through the concrete driveway to the main entrance.

The upper floor offers a lounge for the TV room and library after the entrance.

Through a circular arch you enter into a spacious living room with fireplace and dining area as well as a inviting light-flooded rest zone with rounded windows, which offer a spectacular view of the Aridane valley.

Beautiful residence in a vast nature reserve

The surroundings

In a few minutes you are in the centre of El Paso, a place where traditions are still maintained, people love festivals and the old men relax at the bar. You should drop in there for a coffee or 'copa de vino' and experience the quiet bustle. It also has everything you need, supermarkets, many small shops, organic food stores, magazines and of course even more bars and nice restaurants with a friendly Palmerian atmosphere. 

It takes only 30 min to the capital Santa Cruz and to the airport. To Los Llanos, which is the 'secret capital' of the west, it takes 10 min and 20 min to the beaches. The highway starts off here, which connects east and west, leads past El Paso. Even the romantic Carretera San Nicolas to Tacande starts off here, which leads to the south.

From the front door, one can start hiking directly or biking (e.g. on the Bejenado), it leads past a posted hiking trail or you can simply stroll off, past the lovingly maintained Canarian gardens and houses, you will find meadows with horses and goats, and the wooded slopes of the Cumbre.

La Palma still holds on to its original setting here, away from all the hustle and bustle and it feels a little bit like being in a different world........

A gem for nature lovers and those seeking peace!
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